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the medium... 

'Mask' is an album only available through the medium of face-mask.

It's not on Spotify or any other music streaming platforms.

Wanna try before you buy? Check out the singles, Chasing a Girl Who No Longer Exists and Fine by Myself . 

The album is presented in a beautiful mask-box with artwork. 

The mask itself has a QR code that will send you to the video album. 

Get ready to break-up, lock-down and rock-out.

Frank Foucault: Mask.

'fix me in post ("post" as in post-production but also as in the postal service)' is an album only available on postcard. I will hand-deliver 10 of these postcards door to door. I'm also going to perform a song on the doorstep of each hand delivered customer and film it (if that's alright with you). 

Wix says I have to include more keywords in this section: musician, comedian, independent artist.

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